Optimus Player

Letter From the Developer

Hello world,

Every film worth watching is meticulously crafted by the director and the film crew to share deep, stimulating ideas with the world. A media player is, therefore, responsible for (a) reproducing the content in a way that best preserves the author’s creative intentions, and (b) maximizing the accessibility of the content to enable anyone in the world to consume it. I created Optimus Player because I was disappointed with the state of media players on the Mac; I wanted to build something much better.

I have been using pre-release versions of Optimus Player for a few months now to watch movies and TV shows; I love it and I can’t go back. The app was designed to elevate every aspect of the viewing experience—from video quality and AirPlay audio to subtitle accessibility and the elegance of the user interface. Try out the app on a couple of files from your collection; there is a 10-day free trial!

I naïvely thought I could finish developing the app in a single hackathon (😅). In reality, it took me 6 months after quitting my full-time job to deliver a Version 1 that I would be proud of. If you love Optimus Player, then please buy it! Your support will help me develop new features and make more high-quality apps in the future.

Yours truly,

Darren Mo
Software Engineer